Key Sales has over 15-years of DSD (Direct Store Delivery) experience servicing and merchandising all types of retail stores, from C-Stores, Fuel Centers, Gift Shops and Specialty Stores in Michigan and   Northern Ohio.

Our Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Service allows us to customize our product line to fit each customer; 
no "cookie cutter" program.

  • All product is delivered with UPC Bar Codes and pre-priced with your retail price for quick check-out
  • Staple items are guaranteed to be in stock
  • All customers are serviced as often as needed (generally one to four weeks)
  • Our products are 100% guaranteed
  • Key Sales and Distribution will take care of the little things so your employees can better serve your customers
  • We will offer a solution for every merchandising situation

Unlocking the Door to Greater Profits